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What does Kwanzaa mean to you? Happy #kwanzaa 2020 !! ❤️🖤💚

What does Kwanzaa mean to you? This is what It means to me. 

Day 1- December 26:- #Umoja stands for #UNITY... An effective ways to maintain unity in the community is to #BuyBlack and #supportblackownedbusinesses. This includes following a #blackbusiness on #instagram and sharing their posts.

Day 2 - December 27: - : #Kujichagulia - Swahili for #SelfDetermination .  This principle is all about us as a people identifying who we  are. Researching our history and identifying our own truth. Defining who we are, what we are, and creating and speak for ourselves.  #blackexcellence , being confident in it and living everyday with pride.
If you are doing research about your history, make sure you identify the source. Social media, #Youtube, #Instagram , Books , #Independentmovies

Day 3 - December 28: #Ujima which is all about working together, and Understanding that teamwork within our community is essential. If we work together, we can shape our future, and benefit as a whole.

Day 4 - December 29:  #Ujamaa or cooperative economics. To improve the community we must open businesses and support each other in business. If you need an item or service, look for a black owned business to support.

Day 5 - December 30: #Nia or Purpose. On the fifth day we are encouraged to look within and set goals for ourselves and goals that benefit our community. One must have purpose in order to accomplish anything. Establish your purpose and stay true to it. ✊🏾

Day 6 - December 31: #KUUMBA which means Creativity. It is also the last day of 2020. Today please share memories and stories of how you have contributed to bettering your family, school, faith-based institution and community through poetry, song or other creative outlets. #blackart Make commitments and practices for 2021

Day 7 - January 1: #Imani or Faith.
Faith in ourselves, faith in our race, faith in black owned business, faith in our youth. We must believe that our dreams are within reach.


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