Black Girl Books Bundle (FREE SHIPPING)

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3 Book Bundle of Childrens books, with free shipping. 

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Black Girl BossA Doll Like Me, I Am A Dancer 


1) I Am A Dancer Every Day of the Week

Picture Book for Early Readers, Pre-K - Grade 2


Meet Ebony in this Hand-Painted Picture Book for Early Readers.

She loves to dance and dreams of becoming a professional dancer one day. To make her dreams come true, Ebony practices everywhere she goes - at dance class, at school, at home, and even on the playground.


Even though she is just 9 years old, Ebony is determined to work towards her goals every day of the week.  I Am a Dancer Every Day of the Week was written for begining readers, utilizing Kindergarten and first-grade sight words and vocabulary.  

2) A Doll Like Me

Join Mia, an 8-year-old African-American girl, as she turns a new idea into a black family business with help from her friends and family members.Empower, inspire, and motivate the little dreamers in your life with this powerful children's picture story book. 

3) Black Girl Boss 

Share the motivational story of "A Doll Like Me" in this unique African American Coloring Book.  Children can color the pages of this unique African American Coloring Book and Children's Picture Book that follows the birth of a black family business from the ideas of an 8-year-old Black Girl Boss named Mia. 



Kimberly Gordon is a children's book author and illustrator committed to sharing stories that glorify youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

She spent most of her youth looking forward to being an adult, getting a job, and having her own money to pay for the things she wanted. This was before the internet and cell phones, so she spent her nights and weekends running around outside of the house with friends. Some times they would try to make their own money, and sold candy bars, lemonade, or cookies door to door.

After graduating form Simmons College in Boston and studying creative writing at Harvard and Columbia, Kimberly entered the work force and climbed the corporate ladder to management positions in fortune 500 companies. 

But one day on the verge of a promotion, she realized that all she truly wanted to do was have her own business, work when and how she wanted to, and make her own money doing what she loved doing